You may not think about your home’s gutter system very often, but it’s an essential part of the infrastructure. Gutters control and divert rain and snow to the right drainage channels and protect the areas around your home from water damage. Here are some important things to consider about your home’s gutters.

Gutters Protect Your Home
Without gutters, rain and snow would run down your roof and fall right over the edge onto your lawn and driveway. Gutters catch the water and route it to designated pipes and drains to prevent potential issues such as soil erosion, cracked cement and basement flooding.
Proper Installation Is Essential
If you need to install or replace a gutter system, it’s a good idea to hire professionals. These experts can ensure the correct location and slope necessary to divert the water properly.
Gutters Must Be Clean for Optimum Performance
Gutters can become clogged with dirt, pollen, fallen leaves, twigs and other debris, which can lead to water overflowing the edges and not draining properly. It’s wise to clean them twice a year and consider installing a mesh guard to keep debris from settling inside the gutter.
Your home’s gutter system is an important tool for keeping your lawn and foundation safe from water damage. Proper installation and regular cleaning help keep gutters working properly. To learn more about rain gutters, call American Craftsmen of North Carolina.